Camera Detection in Davant Studio App


How do I get the Davant Studio App to detect by camera? Under controls I only see the option to select an image or image folder.

Just to see if there was a configuration issue, I also uploaded a single file and hit start to see what would happen.
I had these errors in the console.
[!] Error serializing data from GUI: local variable ‘imgGuide’ referenced before assignment
[!] API response is invalid or missing ‘images’
[!] Error in API call: Invalid API response

I was able to resolve the errors by re-installing Stable Diffusion. Just want to know if the strategy for capturing video is by pointing at a growing folder and taking snapshots every 5 seconds. Let me know. Thanks.

currently we cannot control a camera directly we use the screenshot setting and a program like obs to bring up the camera and then have the focus on the window